Parting from the concrete belief in the necessity of improving the position of the local people of Siwa, Yuridia Montoya, has built the learning center out of her personal savings as a fresh graduate student. In order to continue the organisation’s activities and expand the programs, ConnectIn Groups welcomes all support, cooperation and enthusiasts who want to team up.

Make a donation

As we are privately funded, our resources and impact is limited. To continue having a growing impact, we are happy with any kind of support. From notebooks and equipment to financial support, everything is welcome!

If you want to make a one time donation or if you would like to support us periodically you can easily do so by clicking on the PayPal link. At ConnectIn Groups we keep our donors up to date through e-mails and messages of our activities, so that you know for what the money is being used for.

Support our students directly!

Currently, ConnectIn Groups asks for a small contribution of its students in order to provide up-to-date learning material. Unfortunately, sometimes people are forced to drop out due to financial burdens.

ConnectIn Groups believes that the right to education should not be bound by any conditions. We therefore have established the possibility of you sponsoring a student, which can be done in different ways.

First, for 16 USD / 15 EU /300 EGP you can support a student for a month.

Second, for 50 USD / 42 EU / 900 EGP you can support a student for an entire level of 3 months.

Third, for 200 USD / 170 EU / 3600 EGP you can support a student for an entire year.

Support a girl for 33 USD / 28 EU / 600 EGP for one level.

How do we chose our students for support? Since 2015, we have met many different students of whom some are forced to leave due to financial difficulties. Others never even get the chance to enroll, which is often the case with women and children. At ConnectIn Groups we keep records of these people and as soon as we have a small fund we contact someone on our list to come and participate with us.  It is up to the sponsor if they want personal details and communication with the student(s) they are supporting. If so, ConnectIn Groups puts both in touch.

With your donation, you are welcome to write us with your preference in whom you would like to sponsor, and we will select someone in a fair manner.


ConnectIn Groups welcomes volunteers and interns eager to gain hands-on experience in different fields. As a volunteer you will be guided and supported by the team through all the activities. If you are studying at a university and wish to do an internship to obtain your ECTS or college grades, you can enroll in our program through AIESEC.