ConnectIn Groups is the first training center in Siwa oasis, one of Egypt’s most remote areas. It introduces courses on foreign languages, computer skills and Arabic. ConnectIn Groups is a private initiative set up by Yuridia Montoya and is completely financed with personal funds. Established in November 2015, it is registered under the Egyptian Democratic Association, a non-governmental organization listed by the Ministry of Solidarity under number 4565, since 2012.

Our Mission and Vision

ConnectIn Groups’ vision is that education will give people the opportunity to step beyond the limited available opportunities and open new doors in a constantly changing environment. Our mission is to make educational programs accessible for everyone in Siwa, despite their age, background or education.

Similar to many peripheral areas of the country, limited education continues to pose as a barrier keeping people from engaging in new modern day developments and opportunities. In Siwa, local available education stops at the national secondary education. All students seeking higher education or wanting to improve other skills must pursue their aspirations hundreds of kilometers away in bigger cities such as Marsa Matrouh, Alexandria or Cairo.

Our Actvities

Since November 2015, ConnectIn Groups has been offering different courses with internationally recognized certification. In the time span of a year, we have trained over sixty people. Our initial focus has been on the English language. This stems from the idea that modernization is making our world smaller and languages are the tools for communication on different fields and between different cultures. Additionally, in the summer of 2016, we introduced an Italian course and started offering an Arabic literacy course and Arabic for foreigners.

ConnectIn Groups is also training a group of girls and women in their homes. Siwa is a conservative society in which women are not allowed to visit public places by themselves, making it impossible for them to take classes at our center. Women currently have limited education possibilities leading to a lack of education in their children as well. Whereas women before followed the traditional pattern of their society to fulfill the role of raising children, currently young girls especially are very eager to learn language and focus on developing their education.


Brief History of ConnectIn Groups

January, 2018

Opening of our new location.

April, 2017

Start of English business course at the water company in Marsa Matrouh.

February, 2017

Start of our computer course.

November, 2016

Start of our home teaching English course for Siwan women.

June, 2016

Start of our special tailored English course for children and start of our Italian summer course.

November, 2015

Opening of ConnectIn Groups.