ANBI Status or in Dutch ‘ ANBI keurmerk’ refers to a Public Benefit Organisation. This means that at least 90% of the efforts of an ANBI have to be focused on the general good. For donors this means that donations can be deducted from their income.

ConnectIn Groups is registered as a foundation in The Netherlands under name “Stichting ConnectIn Groups”.

RSIN number: 858621198

ConnectIn Groups

Registered on adress:

Cort van der Lindenstraat 49
6535VE Nijmegen – The Netherlands

Postal address:

Bastionstraat 32
4817 LD Breda

Visit us:

10, Ein Thaba, in front of the mosque.
Siwa Oasis, Marsa Matrouh Governorate, Egypt

Phone us:

+31 6 85407395 (NL)
+20 0 1000903069 (EGY)

E-mail us:

The goal of ConnectIn Groups foundation is to work towards sustainable development of people in marginalized area’s by supporting them through the realization of projects related to education and poverty reduction. ConnectIn Groups has a special focus on marginalized people in society such as women and children. Projects are focused and/or related to the conservation and promotion of the cultural and (im)material local heritage.

ConnectIn Groups Foundation’s policy plan spans a time period of five years (2018-2023). The incorporated goals, mission and vision is to offer support in the form of projects that lead to sustainable development of the local population in marginalized area’s in third world / developing countries.  The focus of our projects is education, as for ConnectIn Groups it is the vital pillar towards improvement.

ConnectIn Groups Foundation raises funds to be able to establish projects with long term impact for the local population. ConnectIn Groups is setting up its own initiatives to eventually become sustainable. ConnectIn Groups wants to establish a fund “from locals to locals”, in which the community is encouraged to support the more marginalized in their own society.

ConnectIn Groups Foundation does not have to goal to be a profitable initiative. The income is spend on the project’s needs and development.

To view the complete policy plan (in Dutch) click here.

The board of ConntectIn Groups Foundation:

Yuridia Montoya – Secretary

Marre van der Zee – Chairman

Hamza Gok – Treasurer

Since its establishment in November 2015, ConnectIn Groups has:

  • Been focused on supporting the local population by providing education in the form of trainings. Three years after starting date, over 80 people (including women and children) have been trained.
  • Established a day care project in cooperation with local women. This initiative serves different goals: supporting a marginalized group in society, providing knowledge to the youngest ones, working toward a sustainable income for the foundation.
  • Organized a sets of activities for the children participating in trainings, to raise awareness on their general development. ConnectIn Groups wants to establish a new project by offering similar activities for all children of the community for their general development. In the absence of a cultural or educational center in the area, these activities are to be organized periodically.
  • Set a first outline for a sustainable fair trade project focused especially on women with the goal of the conservation and promotion of the local cultural im(material) heritage, through reviving local crafts and traditions of embroidery, silver work and carpets weaving.

ConnectIn Groups Foundation is registered since March 21, 2018. The first financial overview will be online after the end of the first financial year.