Arabic literacy and colloquial Arabic for foreigners


Arabic literacy program is especially designed for people in Siwa who cannot read and write. Students learn the alphabet and focus on grammar structures.

Arabic for foreigners (colloquial) focuses especially on the personal needs of the student. Students can bring their own materials or chose where they want to put the focus on during their learning track.

For students who want to specialize in grammar or Fosha Arabic, we have a certified teacher to help them in their learning.

Class structure

Arabic literacy program is being taught in small groups of around 3 to 4 people. We chose to work with small groups to be able to assist every student personally and give them personal attention. Basic literacy is being taught in the time period of two months (based on 2 weekly lessons of 1,5 hours each). From there on, students stay engaged until they have reached their desired level.

Arabic for foreigners is mainly tailored around the need of the student. This program is being taught in one-on-one sessions and focuses mainly on conversation. Students can bring their own materials to target their needs directly. Frequency and duration of the course depends on the students time availability.