Certified English Courses


ConnectIn Groups offers courses of different levels in American English. The Interchange materials by Cambridge University Press offer a framework for students to learn daily matters in an interactive way, while practicing different skills.


English is taught according to Interchange teaching materials by Cambridge University Press. This curriculum is being used for over 25 years and is regarded as one of the world’s most successful series for young-adults and adults. It is designed to reflect the most recent approaches to language teaching, as it offers content which is internationally oriented to have meaningful everyday interactions. Upon completing the course, participants can continue with more advanced levels or make their exam for the certification.

Our available levels are:

Alpha focuses on teaching the alphabet, simple vocabulary and useful day to day conversations.

Interchange Intro designed for beginning students to learn basic functions, grammar structures and vocabulary. Topics are presented in unique ways, using interesting real- life information. The Student’s Book contains 16 units, frequent progress checks that allow students to assess and monitor their own learning, and a listening self-study section.

Interchange 1 builds on the foundations taught in the Intro level. Fluent communication, extended grammar, lexicon and functional skills. As we progress, students are encouraged to engage in spontaneous conversations and encouraged to take and articulate a stand in up to date issues.

Interchange 2 encourages students to be fluent in real life everyday situations and purposes related to school, work, social life and leisure. Conversation is a priority and the lexicon is expanded.

Interchange 3/Conversation designed for students who have extensive knowledge of the English language, as it encourages them to perfectionate their grammar and lexicon as they make case for their points of view in speech and writing.


Our cooperation with Harvest Training Center, makes it possible for participants to graduate with internationally recognized certificates from Harvest International Training College USA and the American International Academy USA.


Class Structure

To round up one level of Interchange English, we have a total of 24 sessions (of 1,5 hours each), excluding self study. The track is either completed in 3 months, on a basis of 2 weekly lessons; or in 2 months, on a basis of 3 lessons per week. We work in small groups of around 4 or 5 people, to be able to give everyone optimal attention. Groups are formed according to the age and level of the participants. During the course track, students are encouraged to improvise in speech and are prepared for the final test.

Interchange Intro
Interchange 1
Interchange 2
Interchange 3