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April 1, 2018

Five Stars Opening



On April 2018, ConnectIn Groups started with its newest project: International Five Stars Kindergarten (day care).

This initiative is very special. We are now able to bring education to the very little ones. Thereby, our project is in direct cooperation with local Siwan women, and is also contributing to create for better income.

Five Stars Kindergarten is different in a number of ways. First, it focuses on triggering all those wonderful abilities that young children have! That’s why part time we are doing our classes in English. Second, we are combining the traditional with the new! Siwa has a society with beautiful customs that have to be kept and promoted. Having Siwan women in our team is essential, as they know exactly how to pass their important knowledge. Third, we are implementing Montossori based activities into our curriculum. Through this method, children get the chance to focus on activities they prefer making education a pleasant experience. Children obtain information through their five senses and are encouraged to participate in constructive play for better understanding.