Since 2017, ConnectIn Groups expanded its activities to the coastal city of Marsa Matrouh. With around 150.000 inhabitants it is one of the most important cities in the area and of the Mediterranean Sea. The city is inhabited mostly by Bedouins, which gives the place a unique character. Yearly, many tourists (mostly Egyptians) during the summer months, visit the enchanting white beaches with its crystal clear waters.

As Matrouh is the closest city to the small Siwa oasis, ConnectIn Groups is currently cooperating with the Water company to offer certified English courses and providing a TOEFL preparation course.

Our Activities in Marsa Matrouh

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    English for businesses and companies

    ConnectIn Groups offers certified English courses (based on Interchange teaching materials) for companies. Currently we are cooperating with the Water and wastewater management company, and offering courses for anyone interested in learning. We are also offering a TOEFL preparation course.

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    English for women and children

    In the summer of 2018, ConnectIn Groups is starting a special course in Marsa Matrouh (in Kilo 4) for women and children.

    Women will be able to follow our Alpha and Interchange Intro course and apply for our certification.

    Children will be able to follow our children curriculum for learning the language.

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