ConnectIn Groups opens its doors to people of all ages interested in improving their skills. Our students encompass a wide range of backgrounds and ages. Amongst our students we have one of Siwa’s tribal leaders, prominent business men of Siwa, as well as local farmers, youngsters, women and people active in the tourism sector.

Since our opening in November 2015, we have trained over 60 people in different skills. Here we have collected some of our student’s visions on our work and their experience with us at the center.


On a personal level, I think that English is very important for me in my work as a tribal leader in the oasis of Siwa. I am constantly in contact with people from very different backgrounds so it helps me to communicate. It is also important that I can tell the right message about Siwa in another language. For the people of Siwa it is very important as everything in our community is changing. People need to learn so that they have better opportunities.

Sheikh Omar Rageh - Tribal leader of Siwa - English student

I am owner of Aman Siwa, on of the biggest water factories of the oasis. I am constantly dealing with business men from different parts of the world, which requires me to speak and understand English. I have been studying at the center for around 8 months and it has helped me very much in my work. Also for my employees it is crucial to have a basis of the English language.

Mohamed Haboon - Owner of Aman water factory - English student

I am currently the only girl from Siwa studying medicine in Alexandria. I will soon become a doctor and I want to go back to Siwa to help my community. It is not common for Siwan girls to study outside of their city, but I am very happy with my choice. English is very important for me and for my studies and work. During the times that I am in Siwa, I take courses at home with ConnectIn Groups. It helps me very much as the level of English in the bigger cities is much higher than what I am used to.

Nesma - Medicine student - English student

I am learning English and taking the ICDL course at ConnectIn Groups. I am studying now in the center for one year. I think that learning English is very important to talk to people when I will travel and for my work. I want to become a doctor. Computer science is something I will need for the rest of my life.

Mohamed Mashry - English & ICDL student